Dinosaur Trail

  • Model dinosaurs
  • Stamps
  • The big brachiosaurus
  • Twists and turns of nature and dinosaurs
  • All different types of dinosaur and sounds

Come face to face with life sized dinosaurs both big like our brachiosaurus and small like our raptors lurking in the woods on the trail.

With field stations and interactive sounds along the way, help our dinosaur ranger to locate the T-rex’s! Don’t forget to collect your stamps on the trail to collect your medal and say hello to our palaeontologist expert in the Lenwade Expedition camp before you start to find out what dinosaurs have been discovered!

fossil compass

You’ve found a dino bone! Can you find all 6 Dino Bones hidden on this website? Just click on one when you find it to add it to your dino skeleton, find all 6 to receive a special prize.


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